Thank you

Even though the Nay Sayer himself thanks nobody (except for Orson Welles), many people contributed to this project and made The Nay Sayer what he now is. To all those: many thanks for bringing this album into life!

There are two people Adrian would like to give extra thanks to: The first is Jörg Breuer, who spent hours and hours listening, mixing and mastering the songs and who gave them their distinct sound that has become the sound of this album - and also thanks (and apologies) to his wife Gina and his daughter Annika who endured his mental absence in this period of work.

The other person he would like to thank is Bertram Bühner, without whom The Nay Sayer would not have been put out the way it is now - his input into the song arrangements, cover-, booklet and webdesign and the time he took to help record where crucial in the making of this album.

A great many thanks go to the Kunzmann family who supported this album logistically, morally and of course by all the contributions mentioned below.

And last but not least Adrian H. Z. Kunzmann & friends have to direct a big "thank you" towards all local and remote fans who supported artist and band during the last years of live shows and who will ensure that the album will be listened to.

It's not solely for ourselves we did this - it's for you out there!

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All songs written by Adrian H. Z. Kunzmann
All songs produced & mixed by Jörg Breuer
(except for songs 9,10,12 - produced & mixed by Adrian H. Z. Kunzmann)
All strings arranged by Bertram Bühner

Album Artwork by Patty Ferrato-Kunzmann & Rosie Kunzmann

The Nay Sayer has been recorded and produced within a tight schedule of about 4 weeks - and often until late at night. It was a hard piece of work, indeed - but it was fun nonetheless. It's been a great opportunity to bring so many people together and do this record. Much has been left unattempted - such an album, as fine as it might be, is yet a reflection of what has been in the heads of those who envisioned it. But it's a masterpiece nonetheless and we are confident that you are going to enjoy every track...

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Adrian H. Z. Kunzmann & friends are:

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